An Open Letter to the Present Powers That Be

Note: I did not write the open letter below, but you may recognize the names at the bottom, some of whom did write it. I am posting this as an enthusiastic endorsement, and putting my name on the list as well.  You should consider doing the same. Please also spread this far and wide. Put it on your own sites. Post it on your social media. Talk about it in your groups and families. 

20 December 2016

An Open Letter to Republicans:

America has been granted a reprieve.  You are being loaned one.  In the name of whatever you wish, such as ‘Making America Great Again,’ do the following with dispatch:


  • All immigration for 25 years.  After that time, resume at 1950 levels, in accordance with the pre-1965 standards and enact a point system.  See also, Australia.
  • All Executive Orders issued by the Obama, Clinton, and Bush administrations.  Both Bushes.
  • The Patriot Act.
  • The FISA Court.
  • The Affordable Care Act. Enable cross-border purchase of insurance, to include internationally.
  • All subsidies, to include abortion and contraception.
  • Government licensing, subsidies, and any other interference in marriage, to include tax breaks.
  • Dual citizenship for elected or appointed officials, lobbyists, and staff members.
  • All departments except State, Defense & Treasury (exception – BATFE – they need to go).  Start with BATFE and Education.
  • All bureaus except the FBI – for now – we’ll revisit that one in a couple of years.  Should you need to pursue terrorists overseas, give it to the CIA and tell them to call Fort Bragg.
  • All agencies: In the meantime, while that’s being done, disarm all agencies save for the FBI and CIA, and that part of the Treasury Department necessary for the protection of the President.
  • Diversity initiatives.
  • Affirmative Action.
  • The National Firearms Act of 1934 and subsequent gun control legislation, to include ending gun free zones.
  • Abortion.  If it’s really about choice, then you have chosen poorly. The grownups will now take over.
  • The war on drugs.
  • The war on poverty.
  • Private prisons.
  • Stop and frisk.
  • Civil service protection.
  • All environmental legislation should be replaced with bills specifying CY 2017 as the baseline, all emissions to hold there, with a hard-science peer-reviewed/open source review to be conducted five years after passage as to any outlier emitters/emissions requiring action, along with cost/benefit of same.


  • Special prosecutor for treason/corruption as far back as statutes of limitation allow.  We ended both the Clinton Crime Family and the Bush Crime Dynasty, now you prosecute.
  • Investigate all living presidents and administration lackeys, with specific concentration on the relationship with the Saudis, going back to Prescott Bush.  RICO applies here. Commute their sentences, if you must (except for Treason), as needed for “healing” but it is imperative to restore the Rule of Law to America.  Do not pardon anyone.  This is decidedly not a case of, ‘some pigs are more equal than others.’
  • Pass the Hearing Protection Act.
  • Nuclear power generation on DOD property by 2022. We think sooner:
  • Drill, baby, drill.  Then frack.
  • Re-open all coal burning power generation plants.
  • Build refineries and enable manufacturing.
  • NATO members pay treaty obligations, to include back pay.  With interest.
  • Immediate deportation of illegal aliens.  This may be accomplished by ending any .gov benefits they are receiving and enforcing existing laws with regard to employers.
  • Draconian penalties for employers of illegal aliens.  Start with Tyson, in Arkansas.  That should help your RICO case.
  • Health savings account limits up to $25k/yr offset versus income– $500k lifetime, self-directed (think 401(k)), with tax-free transfer to next of kin per state estate law.
  • Don’t steal.  Don’t hurt people.  It’s not that difficult.
  • Investigate George Soros as a Nazi war criminal.


Kit Perez

Mike Smock                                                                                                                                                   CEO – Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.

J.C. Dodge
Owner-Mason Dixon Tactical LLC

Randall A. Bartlett
Little Rock, AR

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET
Natural Bridge, VA

MSgt Thomas E Randall, Jr, USAF RET

Peter White                                                                                                                                               Former Assistant District Attorney
Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York

Digital Privacy Laziness and the Self-Surveillance State

There is an interesting dichotomy among folks who claim to be all about liberty. They’re usually also the same folks who claim that there’s no point in using digital security best practices, or no use in caring about their privacy. Even saying the phrase “gun control” in these folks’ presence and they’ll give you their best impression of righteous indignation, but ask them what they think about their privacy and they’ll shrug. “There’s no point, the feds know everything anyway.” Or they’ll tell you that they have nothing to hide. Or that it’s too difficult to learn the tools and practices. Or that they already have such a huge public face anyway that there’s no point in even bothering. Or they’ll even double down and pretend that it’s somehow braver to just be out in the open, insinuating by default that people who do choose to protect their privacy are somehow cowardly.

Quite frankly, that’s a load of crap.

I’m going to flip this a second, and put the whole thing into different terms that perhaps are easier to understand.

There’s no point in carrying a gun or even owning one. Criminals aren’t going to be deterred by it, all you’re doing is potentially giving them another weapon to use when they take yours. Besides, it’s expensive to get one, it’s hard to learn, and I just don’t have the time to practice with it. I’m also too old/set in my ways to learn another skill. I’m not going to carry a gun because that’s like saying I’m afraid. I’m not afraid, and only cowards need to carry a gun. If it’s my time, then it’s my time.

I would guess that most people who read this site would think the above paragraph is some of the stupidest drivel imaginable. But guess what? That’s what it sounds like when people give their litany of excuses why they can’t/won’t learn how to protect their privacy. That’s what it looks like when I hear people give me all the reasons why privacy is no big deal to them. What drives me insane is that these are the same people who claim they are all about freedom and liberty. Some of them even laugh at the knowledge that they’re living in a surveillance state. Because yes, haha, it’s so hilarious. And for those of you who claim that “all you can do is laugh at it,” I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you are wrong. There is much you can do. You’re just too lazy to do it.

You live in a surveillance state. Say that a few times until it sinks in. If you absolutely cannot wrap your mind around that, do some research. If you still can’t fathom it, let me know and I’ll catch you up. How is that even possible? How is it that we as Americans do not realize the extent of the control we are truly under?

One answer is self-surveillance. We as a society participate in our own surveillance. We submit data to the fusion centers, to the NSA programs, to the filters and machines that map out who we are and decide if we are a threat. WE do that.

The government figured out the Achilles’ heel of the human race: Humans love to talk about themselves. They love to tell you what they like, don’t like, where they’re going and what they’re doing. Who they’re with, who they love, who they’re fighting with…and that’s not even getting into the opinions on politics, religion, or anything else. How do you put a society under surveillance and control? You don’t even have to force them into it. They’ll walk right into it themselves, if you let them. Because they want to tell you all about how they’re doing. In fact, all you really have to do is create a mechanism for them to tell you all about it, and they will. In great detail.

Sure, the government has license plate readers and red light cameras and metadata and a hundred other things that provide a fairly cognizant view into your life. But who’s filling in the gaps? Who’s giving them the 3D view? You are, happily and without so much as a glitch. You can’t claim to care about privacy when your Facebook page is filled with a veritable date book of your activities in nearly real time. You can’t claim that you worry about facial recognition when you post a selfie every other day. You cannot complain about surveillance when you are actively submitting information about yourself and your activities to the surveillance engine.

What about liberty? Do you truly care about liberty if you absolutely refuse to even learn how to stop engaging in your own control environment? I’m not even saying drop all your social media (although I would hope you look into MeWe and Gab, both of which are FAR more privacy conscious than F-book and Twitter). But refusing to encrypt, posting all your travels on Facebook, publicizing all your activities, not using Signal or other more secure means of communications, plastering details of your life everywhere and then claiming it doesn’t matter anyway…that’s not liberty. That’s just lazy.

How can I say that? Because I used to be that person, and there are days I still catch myself. I know why I didn’t learn those skills for a long time, and it’s for the same reason I didn’t learn other skills I needed and didn’t have. I didn’t make time. I say I don’t have time for more things, but I do. We really all do. If you’ve got time to play games on your phone or watch TV, you’ve got time. If you’ve got time to post photos of yourself at yet another activity, yet another ‘fun’ thing, yet another “look at me! I’m living my life!” thing, then you’ve got time to learn skills you don’t have. I’ve already posted on how you can take in a lot more information throughout your day; there’s no reason why some of that can’t be on privacy and security. The more you learn, the more you will see how completely asinine it is to say it doesn’t matter. Trust me…I used to think it didn’t matter too, and I was dead wrong.

Bottom line: Stop making it easy for them. Stop plastering your entire life all over social media. Stop claiming you don’t have time, or that it doesn’t matter. It does. The more people who are actively working against the surveillance engine, the safer we all are–and there are a LOT of ways to work against it, use it to your advantage, and generally monkeywrench it, or at least compartmentalize your life a bit. You know how fiercely you care about gun rights? That’s how you should feel about privacy, because that also affects you in very fundamental ways. In short, quit claiming you’re anti-government surveillance and pro-liberty if you’re going to just hand them the info they want on a silver platter.