Agitation Opportunity: Facebook’s Secret Censorship Policy Docs Exposed

If you’ve ever wanted to know the criteria that Facebook is using to censor content and what constitutes “violation of community standards,” wonder no longer. A German newspaper got the internal Facebook censorship documents explaining what’s “naughty” and what’s “nice.”

While you might be tempted to read through it, get thoroughly angry, and dismiss the whole thing, I encourage you to look further and deeper. These documents tell you exactly how to get away with a great deal, if you’re so inclined. Here’s an example:

 A protected category (PC for short) combined with another protected category results in yet another protected category. Take Irish women, for instance. Here, the “national origins” and “sex” categories apply. So if someone were to write “Irish women are dumb,” they would be breaking the rules and their post would be deleted.

However, combining a protected category with an unprotected category results in an unprotected category. Irish teenagers are the example. While they are protected under the national origin category, the term teenager does not enjoy special protection (the same applies to terms such as “retiree” or “youth”, for instance). For this reason, the sentence “Irish teenagers are dumb” does not need to be deleted.

Stupid, right? Yes. It is. But there’s more. Note, for instance, the very subtle distinction in the upper right corner of the image below. You can’t say “f—g Muslims,” but you CAN say “f—migrants.” Calling refugees “rapefugees” is considered naughty but saying “this group is for blacks only” is okay.

The bottom line is this: It’s crap. It’s all crap. I get it. Facebook sucks, etc. However, it’s up to you whether you want to walk away and stop using it (and God knows there’s a long list of reasons to do so), or whether you want to use their own system against them. Agitation is fun. And if you know you’re standing in the minefield, but you’re holding a map showing where the mines are, that comes in handy when the people you’re arguing with don’t have one. Think outside the box.

An Open Letter to the Present Powers That Be

Note: I did not write the open letter below, but you may recognize the names at the bottom, some of whom did write it. I am posting this as an enthusiastic endorsement, and putting my name on the list as well.  You should consider doing the same. Please also spread this far and wide. Put it on your own sites. Post it on your social media. Talk about it in your groups and families. 

20 December 2016

An Open Letter to Republicans:

America has been granted a reprieve.  You are being loaned one.  In the name of whatever you wish, such as ‘Making America Great Again,’ do the following with dispatch:


  • All immigration for 25 years.  After that time, resume at 1950 levels, in accordance with the pre-1965 standards and enact a point system.  See also, Australia.
  • All Executive Orders issued by the Obama, Clinton, and Bush administrations.  Both Bushes.
  • The Patriot Act.
  • The FISA Court.
  • The Affordable Care Act. Enable cross-border purchase of insurance, to include internationally.
  • All subsidies, to include abortion and contraception.
  • Government licensing, subsidies, and any other interference in marriage, to include tax breaks.
  • Dual citizenship for elected or appointed officials, lobbyists, and staff members.
  • All departments except State, Defense & Treasury (exception – BATFE – they need to go).  Start with BATFE and Education.
  • All bureaus except the FBI – for now – we’ll revisit that one in a couple of years.  Should you need to pursue terrorists overseas, give it to the CIA and tell them to call Fort Bragg.
  • All agencies: In the meantime, while that’s being done, disarm all agencies save for the FBI and CIA, and that part of the Treasury Department necessary for the protection of the President.
  • Diversity initiatives.
  • Affirmative Action.
  • The National Firearms Act of 1934 and subsequent gun control legislation, to include ending gun free zones.
  • Abortion.  If it’s really about choice, then you have chosen poorly. The grownups will now take over.
  • The war on drugs.
  • The war on poverty.
  • Private prisons.
  • Stop and frisk.
  • Civil service protection.
  • All environmental legislation should be replaced with bills specifying CY 2017 as the baseline, all emissions to hold there, with a hard-science peer-reviewed/open source review to be conducted five years after passage as to any outlier emitters/emissions requiring action, along with cost/benefit of same.


  • Special prosecutor for treason/corruption as far back as statutes of limitation allow.  We ended both the Clinton Crime Family and the Bush Crime Dynasty, now you prosecute.
  • Investigate all living presidents and administration lackeys, with specific concentration on the relationship with the Saudis, going back to Prescott Bush.  RICO applies here. Commute their sentences, if you must (except for Treason), as needed for “healing” but it is imperative to restore the Rule of Law to America.  Do not pardon anyone.  This is decidedly not a case of, ‘some pigs are more equal than others.’
  • Pass the Hearing Protection Act.
  • Nuclear power generation on DOD property by 2022. We think sooner:
  • Drill, baby, drill.  Then frack.
  • Re-open all coal burning power generation plants.
  • Build refineries and enable manufacturing.
  • NATO members pay treaty obligations, to include back pay.  With interest.
  • Immediate deportation of illegal aliens.  This may be accomplished by ending any .gov benefits they are receiving and enforcing existing laws with regard to employers.
  • Draconian penalties for employers of illegal aliens.  Start with Tyson, in Arkansas.  That should help your RICO case.
  • Health savings account limits up to $25k/yr offset versus income– $500k lifetime, self-directed (think 401(k)), with tax-free transfer to next of kin per state estate law.
  • Don’t steal.  Don’t hurt people.  It’s not that difficult.
  • Investigate George Soros as a Nazi war criminal.


Kit Perez

Mike Smock                                                                                                                                                   CEO – Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc.

J.C. Dodge
Owner-Mason Dixon Tactical LLC

Randall A. Bartlett
Little Rock, AR

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET
Natural Bridge, VA

MSgt Thomas E Randall, Jr, USAF RET

Peter White                                                                                                                                               Former Assistant District Attorney
Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York