About RS

RecoveringStatist.com is the website of Kit Perez, formerly of Patrick Henry Society, which disappeared in a mysterious hosting accident. While PHS may be gone, there’s still much to be done and said—perhaps now even more so. If we really want to get anything accomplished, however, we need to change the game.

This site focuses on privacy in a surveillance state, intelligence, and the idea that people deserve to live free. What exactly does “live free” mean? I guess we’ll be talking a lot about that in the days and months to come.

I’m a counterintelligence geek, linguistic profiler, and statement analyst. I used to be a loud and proud activist, now I prefer to keep my activities more to myself. I teach digital privacy and a few other things on the side. I write, both professionally and for fun.

I can be reached at:

audax0 at protonmail.com
@audax0 at Gab.ai

Contact me for my PGP key.